Sunday, August 30, 2009



If you`ve never used it before and you spend a lot of time at your computer like I do, go check it out. Just create a quick login and you can start creating your own station(s). You can add artists and specific songs you like and it makes suggestions for you. You can give a thumbs up when you like a song and it will try and play additional songs that have similar qualities. You can also give a song a thumbs down and they will never play it again, or even block an artist from ever playing at all. It gives you 40 free hours of music a month, which is a lot, but I actually maxed my hours this month (now that I`m working from home I have it literally playing all day)so it suggested I either pay something like a $1.95 to continue listening to unlimited music until the end of the month OR for $36.00 I can listen to uninterrupted music, unlimited, higher quality music for a year.... So, I upgraded to Pandora One.

I just added my Pandora Music activity to the sidebar. Check it if you wanna get a sense for the kind of music I like, you can listen to "Jenny Radio" too... full of hip hop, r & b, old skool rap and even some pop and country. Enjoy!

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  1. I totally love Pandora too! It's the best online music player. I love creating my own stations and finding music that is similar to my tastes that is new to me.