Friday, June 25, 2010

Who is Alicia Keys baby daddy?

So, I stumbled across a picture of Alicia Keys – PREGNANT! 

How come I didn’t know this before? It appears she is 5 months now. So I asked Google: “Who is Alicia Keys baby daddy?”

According to this source:

1. His real name is Kasseem Dean.

2. He was born August 30th, 1978. He’s a Virgo. Virgos apparently tend to be “but not necessarily as prudish at some might believe.” And they possess an uncanny to see what’s wrong and are natural critics. They are hard workers but are very finicky and have a need for perfection.

3. He was born in the Bronx but moved to Atlanta when he was a teenager where he started to DJ parties and began to produce at the young age of 16.

4. He is a very successful record producer, DJ and rapper. He’s produced songs for artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keyes.

5. He is the nephew of the founders of the Ruff Ryders - Chivon, Joaquin and Darrin Dean. And got his start by working at their label.

6. In 2007 he released his first solo record One Man Band Man featuring such hits as “Money in the Bank” and “It’s Me Bitches.” He followed that up with the album Life After the Party.

7. In 2004 he married the artist Mashonda Tifrere. His wife and he had son Kasseem Dean Jr who was born in January 2007. He has another son named Prince Nasir, from a previous relationship, who is now nine.

8. Swizz Beatz and his wife broke up and announced their divorce in April 2008. There was oodles of speculation that an affair with Alicia Keys is what ruined the marriage.

9. Swizz Beatz’s wife wrote a very long and poised open letter to Alicia Keys saying such things as “My concern with AK is no longer the fact that she assisted in destroying a family but that she has the audacity to make these selfish comments about love and wanting to be with someone, even after knowing their situation. How is this the same Superwoman that I sang out loud with in my truck?” She continued to say “If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did. You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage.”

10. He proposed and put a ring on (a 7-carat diamond ring) on Alicia’s finger while still married to his estranged wife. Their divorce is not yet finalized. Alicia and Swizz will be getting married and having a baby later this year.


  1. This comment actually come from DonDon, but I think I hit "reject" instead of "publish":

    It threw me for a loop when I heard that Alicia Keys was giving up the nappy dug out to Swizz Beatz. Then I figured, "Hell, he is rich and successful."

    I found out Swizzz Beatz is broke. So, ish, maybe she just has a type that doesn't coincide with the kind of men that mankind would figure she's dig.

  2. I agree... I mean, he isn't what you'd expect, but hey, she's a strong, successful woman, she don't need a man with money!!! She may be looking for what she can't do for herself.

  3. Proposing while he was still married...pretty sleazy if you ask me!
    & I don't think he had any good songs anyway :)