Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whitney Houston - Legends Never Die

Whitney Houston - Legends Never Die 

I think Whitney Huston's music resonates with so many generations and her songs and lyrics have such powerful messages. I mean, who can forget "One Moment In Time", "When You Believe" or "I'll Always Love You"?

Just like when Michael Jackson passed, so many people commented on the negative. Of course we all knew she struggled with addiction and her career wasn't what it used to be when she died, but can't we just remember her beautiful music, her amazing talents and her incredible voice?

I know I will always love her music and every time I hear a Whitney Huston song I will turn it up and sing along....

Rest in Peace Whitney Huston - I will always love you....

P.S. Thanks Tatiana for sharing this pic of Whitney Huston with me.... she is an angel. <3

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  1. Awww i love this! i know you loved her more than anything! i saw this and was like its a perfect picture!